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1. What do cookies do?

Cookies are small (text) files that a Web page server places on your computer, tablet or other electronic device (hereinafter "computer") when you visit a Web page. By placing a cookie on your computer, the Web page server is able to recognize your computer. A cookie cannot start programs or spread viruses.

Cookies have a certain period of validity from the moment they are placed on a computer. After the validity period expires, the cookie is deleted by your browser. For some cookies, the duration of the browser session is the period of validity, but there are also cookies that remain valid for a longer period of time so that they can be read the next time you visit our website. Insofar as we use cookies to collect personal data from you, we process it in accordance with our privacy statement.

2. Cookies on our website

Through our website, functional (necessary) cookies, analytical cookies, as well as cookies related to social media options and tracking cookies for providing relevant content. Providers of cookies we use on our website:

3. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies record how visitors use our website. With this information, the use of our website can be analyzed and statistics can be generated. This allows us to better understand our website visitors and use that knowledge to improve the website. For this purpose, we use the services of Google Analytics and Smartlook. Based on the data collected with these cookies, Google Inc., Smartlook and Hotjar compile anonymous reports for Weening criminal lawyers regarding the use of our website. We have set the Google Analytics cookies 'privacy-friendly', in line with the manual on this by the Personal Data Authority. As a result, we process less data from you. Smartlook and Hotjar screen recordings that are only used for website optimization. Both tools screen sensitive data, such as a contact form, for example.

The following analytical cookies are used:

Name Provider Target Validity
_ga Google Analytics differentiate users 2 years
_gid Google Analytics differentiate users 24 hours
_hole Google Analytics limiting API requests 1 minute
__lc.visitor_id LiveChat inc. id of the visitor 32 months
__lc_vv LiveChat inc. LiveChat version session
__livechat LiveChat inc. responsible for many features of LiveChat to work properly, for example - last agent online -. 32 months
__livechat_lastvisit LiveChat inc. timestamp of last visit 3 years
__livechat_chat LiveChat inc. gives an ID to chat conversation 32 months
chat_running LiveChat inc. checks if chat is still in progress 24 hours
hide_eye_catcher LiveChat inc. is connected to LiveChat eye catcher session
lc.secret_id LiveChat inc. used by communication protocol chat
secret_token_ LiveChat inc. used by communication protocol 24 hours
lc_invitation_opened LiveChat inc. keep status of welcome message chat
lc_sso LiveChat inc. used by communication protocol 3 years
lc_window_state LiveChat inc. shows whether screen is minimized or not chat
main_window_timestamp LiveChat inc. Used for measuring app status between different tabs chat
message_text LiveChat inc. contains typed text from visitor before sending chat
recent_window LiveChat inc. Used for measuring app status between different tabs chat
autoinvite_callback LiveChat inc. this cookie is used for proper handling of JS Api and callback of on_message chat
SL_C_23361dd035530_KEY Smartlook Project key 2 years
SL_C_23361dd035530_SID Smartlook Session ID, that is assigned to each new session that is being recorded 2 years
SL_C_23361dd035530_VID Smartlook Visitor ID, assigned to each new visitor 2 years

4. Refusing and deleting cookies

You can set your browser not to store cookies, allow or deny each cookie, or delete all cookies when you close your browser. Cookies are placed on every computer you use to visit websites. If you want to stop receiving cookies altogether, you will need to adjust the settings on all the computers you use. Please note that refusing and/or deleting cookies will also affect strictly necessary cookies. This may limit your ability to use our websites or parts of them.